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We had the 20 week ultrasound for the new baby today and all looks well. The site for kid #2 is quite bare until we get a name and a sex to go along with it (ie: birth) but the ultrasound pictures are posted.

As implied above I DID prove willpower, the baby was head down and legs spread up but we managed to NOT find out the sex, I stayed strong and did NOT cave. Of course, in trying to get shots of the legs and spine there are definitely some fuzzy genital shots, kudos to anyone who finds them and takes a guess. I have my *own* conclusions based on those images as I am pretty adept at looking at ultrasounds (too many pregnant friends!) but it was *just* fuzzy enough there's no solid conclusion.

The whole thing was rather fun, actually. The baby looks GREAT, and everything is measuring normal, though a week ahead of my dates (closer to what I THOUGHT I was before the earlier ultrasound put me at a later date) but nothing will change as far as a due date so I have plenty of time to go into labor on my own. UNLIKE Callie this one wasn't moving a ton, just little fidgets here and there, and was already in a good position. I have been feelings kicks pretty consistently in the same area so hopefully that holds (unlikely, but babies definitely have position preferences even this early).

The one 'downside' is that we didn't get a good shot of all four chambers of the heart at once. They looked fine on the ultrasound but the midwives will want them side by side, so the clinic wanted me to come back in two months for another scan to get a better look. They offered to throw in some free 3-d ultrasound images as well, which is a big plus! I'll never turn down an excuse to see the baby!

Callie was there, acquiring her target for destruction on the screen. Of course as is the case of late she was so fidgety that daddy did not get much of a look at the screen, but he got the general gist of the ultrasound (one head, no extra appendages, not flipping us the bird yet) so all in all a good appointment. I have a midwifery appointment on Wednesday to go over the results and check the regular stuff... updates will be forthcoming but in the meantime, here's the baby's ultrasounds if anyone wants to hazard the Rorschach and take any guesses on what they are actually looking at! (there's labels at the top for cheaters, of course.)

Pics of "Ezekiel" for your befuddled perusing!

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