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Yes, it's been several months since an update - what can I say, this pregnancy is QUITE uneventful!

I didn't gain any weight, so I am still only up 5 pounds the whole pregnancy (which is roughly 5 below pre-preg weight!), blood pressure was good at 120/82, I had trace protein which isn't terribly surprising, my diet has been terrible, and I had to do a urine culture for a suspected UTI.

I knew I passed my 1 hour glucose, but I KILLED it! I had a 96, their cutoff is 140 and if I'd been below 90 they'd call me hypoglycemic. Considering I am a fluffy girl and they always stress about weight gain, complications like GD and the like - MWAHAHAHAAA!!! Victory for Taryl.

I'm measuring about 3 weeks ahead, which isn't a lot for me, and the baby was lying head down but partially transverse on my left side - he/she has slid transverse several times and it's quite painful, but hopefully they'll continue to go head down and make my life easier!

Next appointment is June 4th, we'll see what happens then!

taryl | General | 21 May, 9:09pm
katie, <E-Mail> / 13 July, 5:22pm  

Update? Giessel #2 should be here soon, eh? (writing on July 13th) So glad this pregnancy has gone so well, this bodes well for the birth. So, there should be new pictures soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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