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Sorry we have been so terrible at updating the sites for the girls, it has been a busy and technologically challenging summer. To make up for the lack of pictures, at least, some professional shots and DVDs of the girls will be going out to family members on all sides quite soon, if they have not already arrived.

Quick Lilah notes:

- She's creeping along furniture and can balance and walk a few steps, but rarely chooses to.

- Her babble is starting to sound more like words

- When she shakes her head 'no', she actually means it (not just random silly movement)

- Lilah learned how to clap and can throw a ball better than big sister.

Highlights from her 1 year appointment:

- Weight: 21 lbs, 1 oz

- Height: 29.5"

- Head circumference: 45 cm

She's super healthy, very bubbly and active, but shy around strangers. She won't scream her head off anymore, but rather just prefers to check things out thoroughly before opening up. She is VERY observant. Lilah does seem to think she's just as big as Callie, and therefore should do all the things Callie does, but I do not see this changing anytime soon. As always, no news is good news in the our household, and Lilah is no different. She is growing and thriving, and has quite the personality.

Hopefully the next update will include pictures, and not be several months out!

taryl | General | 15 September, 12:02am

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