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Lilah was healthy and happy, at least up to the shots. Normal, developing on track, no concerns from me about her, so the appointment was really just the plain old basics. She took the shots like a pro, and only shrieked bloody murder for maybe half a minute. Callie was quite well behaved at the appointment, as well, which makes the whole thing more pleasant.

Despite Lilah looking super chunky to Peter and me, especially compared to Callie at the same age, we still have a skinny girl on our hands. Lilah weighed in at 17 pounds, 2 oz, which puts her at the 35th percentile. She was 28 inches long and that puts her at the 75th for height (the first nurse measured her wrong and the second remeasured and got an extra half inch out of her). Her head is still fairly petite, at 42.5 cm or 20th percentile, so overall her basic dimensions have not changed.

Yay for the healthy big girl!

taryl | General | 19 March, 8:29am

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