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In response to Katie's comments on Lilah's hair and how Callie's adjusting:

Nope, her hair is definitely a bit on the red side, though the flash of the camera makes that much more obvious. Callie's was a little red too, but this is lighter and there's less of it.

I'd say Callie is adapting pretty well, she barely notices Lilah at all and when she does she just says "baby" over and over and wants to touch her. Thing is, she's not at the age where she understands to be gentle yet, so we have to keep her from touching Lilah or guide her hand and she gets mad. But she is fascinated watching her, I think she thinks Lilah is just another adult toy (like the computer) that she can't play with. We weren't sure how Callie was going to do at night when Lilah DID cry (like during diaper changes, she HATES being cold) but the monitor doesn't even blip, she doesn't stir even when Lilah's screaming her head off. It's amazing, but it's like the cries don't even register. Several people told me that would happen, but I had to see it to believe it. The two really don't bother one another, the shuffle happens when Callie needs something and then Lilah fusses and vice versa, and then one has to wait. Other than the days that one isn't feeling well and the other is fussing (like today, for example) I'm actually not too worried about taking care of both at once. I am not sure how much else will get done during the day, but the two of them, at this point at least, shouldn't be too big of a problem (knock on wood). It's just going to be taking it one day at a time, as it always is.

Speaking of illnesses, at least in this house it has NOT been a good baby day. We were given a lovely dish by a lady at church that was a chicken casserole. Very tasty indeed. The problem, as I identified later? It had broccoli and cauliflower in it. This wouldn't normally be an issue, and not even an issue with an older baby, but with a breastfed newborn who is VERY bad at digesting certain compounds and even worse at elimination of gas. Cruciferous vegetables are NOTORIOUS gas producers and (un)lucky for me both veggies are members of that particular family. Thus, poor Lilah was unknowingly given contaminated milk that she happily slurped up and rather UNHAPPILY got to spit up later, in FOUNTAINS, and that gave her lots of burps, painful poops and tons of farts. The poor baby would be sleeping, or trying to sleep, and all the sudden would grunt, writhe, turn bright red, yell, and spasm for a few minutes until she finally passed gas in SOME form, often accompanied by a little poop (thus soiling many many diapers). She'd then settle back down, try to sleep again, and then be interrupted by the same thing a few minutes later. All afternoon this went on, and by the end the poor baby was fussy for OTHER reasons than just the gas. It seems to have tapered off and she's napped for a good three hours now, but it was quite the ordeal for the littlest member of the family. Who knew poop could be so mean?

Several more nights of good sleeping have been had, so I am thinking this is more her natural habit than just a newborn sleepiness. She's more wakeful during the day but still sleeping well at night. YAY!

taryl | General | 31 July, 3:30am

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