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Lilah has started trying to babble out actual words, though, other than "mamamamMA!" in my direction when she's mad, they don't make much sense. "Ah GAAAAA!" is a popular one, especially. But she's definitely trying.

The biggest new milestone she's had is crawling, though she does it a bit funny. She'll crawl almost pigeon-toed and with her legs under her bottom, so she can return to sitting at a moment's notice. She also tries to lift herself off the ground completely, moving from a crawl to a plank position, almost identical to the start of a push-up. She'll grunt and hold herself up on her little toes for as long as she can stand it. She's pulling up in her bassinet, which puts acquiring a big-girl crib very high on our familial priority list.

Overall she's doing very well for her age and will be 1 year old before we know it! She's still quite bald, though with a good downy blond covering over her whole head, and consequently despite any amount of bows and pink outfits the most common compliment is still "My, what a HANDSOME one you are! He just has the most gorgeous eyes!". I usually don't bother to correct them, but here's to hoping for hair. Bald babies are cute and all, but she'll have to grow some EVENTUALLY!

Lilah still has some major stranger anxiety, mostly when she is tired or needs to be babysat, but she's slowly getting over it (the screaming, shrieking jags are getting shorter). This doesn't bode well for VBS coming up, where she will need to be watched in the nursery for three or four hours during the day while I do snacks. Here's to hoping she decides to behave and not howl the whole time, otherwise I am screwed. Lilah is super cute as always, though, which assuages our damaged hearing somewhat. Both girls, in fact, manage to be just cute enough that we don't ship them off to relatives permanently when they decide to be obnoxious ;)

Hopefully pictures and more videos are coming soon!

taryl | General | 21 May, 10:22pm

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