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Today was the first time taking them both alone out the door and to an appointment and it took me only maybe ten minutes from waking Callie up to pulling out of the driveway to do it all. Pretty good, I'd say! As long I coordinate like crazy before they wake up it seems to go smoothly - I didn't forget my PKU paperwork, Callie's snack, an extra pacifier for both... and I managed to get to the appointment with time to spare too, which made me quite proud of myself!

Peter came to the appointment from work to watch Callie so I could deal with just Lilah, which was good because even though I fed her before we left the house she was a bit... malcontent, shall we say, with the entire appointment.

Screaming for boobs aside it went very well. She is up to 8 lbs 8 oz, so she regained her birth weight and then some right on schedule which I was worried about because of how little she feeds at night (she will literally sleep 6-8 hours, eat a bit, and sleep another 5 which is very unusual for a newborn!). She's 21 inches long now (Callie wasn't 21 inches until she was 3 months old!) so Lilah's 50th percentile for weight at this point and 75th for height.

No jaundice anywhere, she's completely normally colored now, she's also doing GREAT with muscle tone. She can roll herself around on the bed and lift her head really well already, I am so impressed!

One thing that WASN'T fun was the PKU stick. We were EARLY for our appointment and of course the office was running late so Callie was crabby and running around giving daddy a hard time, it was about two hours from getting there to leaving the lab since the lab portion was the main hospital's walk in lab (they won't do it at her pediatrician's office for some reason!). Lilah, of course, had finally stopped rabbling and was asleep in the front pack but I put her in a zip up footed outfit and warmed the foot OPPOSITE the zipper for the test. Needless to say we couldn't get the stick and still keep her in the Baby bjorn asleep.

She didn't wake for the unzipping but she CERTAINLY awoke when the squeezing of the heel began, poor baby. She got over it quickly but when I went to change her diaper before her nap, two hours later, her heel was still bleeding fairly freely with the band-aid off. I was a bit surprised it hadn't clotted better, I am keeping an eye on it just in case.

Overall it was a good appointment and a good day. I still can't believe I have MORE time than I did with just Callie but having two has made scheduling and coordinating a priority, whereas with Callie I was able to play it fast and loose with the day, not getting much done and doing things with her as needed. Now I am planning when to feed Lilah to not make Callie wait too long and keep both happy, coordinating naps with waking periods, chores with sections of time Callie is playing and Lilah is napping... I probably SHOULD have done this with Callie all along but I am a bit inherently lazy.

Either way things are going smoothly, we'll see if that holds up. Peter is going to Chitina to dipnet with Rich and another and will be gone from Friday afternoon to late night Sunday. I hate being left alone with just CALLIE for a DAY, so this is going to be a bit nightmarish. I don't think it will be difficult, per se, just stressful. We'll see.

taryl | General | 8 August, 9:34am

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