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Well it's that time of year - the sun comes up later and goes to sleep sooner (if only Peter could be so lucky), the temperature drops, the driveway gets slippery, the worst drivers on earth flock to the freeways en masse for their chance to drive backwards at 4 mph AAAAAAAND....

.... the little girls begin their Vitamin D supplementation.

Lilah had her first dose of PolyViSol today, which unfortunately contains iron. It's basically a vitamin/mineral cocktail that's been soaked in spoiled grapejuice and week old blood, and used to flush a radiator or two.... or so the taste would suggest. Her face was... interesting. She didn't cry, I don't think she wanted to open her mouth and let the waft of the vitamins hit her nose! The bigger problem with the stuff is that for a baby that spits up as much as she does this stuff stains like nobody's business. Let the clothes ruining commence!

Big sister doesn't need iron, as she can eat kale and steak if need be, so her supplementation tastes just like strawberry lipgloss. Lilah is glaring, she really is.

taryl | General | 20 October, 7:48pm

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