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New Lilah pictures are up. She's ten weeks old already, I can hardly believe it. DESPITE Peter's commentary on the images she's a very sweet, happy baby (more so than even her sister, who was also a pretty easy keeper) and is cooing, gurgling and 'talking' all the time. She's learned to smile and it's absolutely adorable. She'll readily smile at just about anyone to get a reaction.

She had her two month appointment, though sadly I can't remember any of her specific stats other than thatg she was over eleven pounds and long and skinny - about 25th percentile for weight but 75th for height - and was nice and healthy. She had her shots and cried for only a few seconds (big sister cried a LOT more, but she also has the presence of mind to be offended when the nice nurse 'pretends' to be her friend and then jabs the heck out of her legs!) and had no reactions to them, thank goodness.

The only concern is that, like her sister, she spits up really badly. I have cut almost all the dairy out of my diet and it doesn't seem to be helping, but Dr. Hepler said that since she was gaining weight that it didn't need to be medicated. We're keeping a close eye on it right now, as it's fairly disconcerting to feed her and have her then spit up half a cup or more of what was fed to her. Fortunately I am not having supply problems, unlike with her sister, and she eats all day long to make up for it.

She's a very good sleeper still, and sleeps through the night most nights. Oftentimes when she wakes up at night it is because I have come to bed and the noise jostles her awake, but she can definitely make it from 10-8 and that is QUITE nice.

Nothing much more to share, a few new pictures should be up in the coming days in addition to the current images.

taryl | General | 14 October, 9:51am
Katie, <E-Mail> / 15 October, 7:09pm  

What a sweet girl. She has a beautiful smile and I just love the "I'm cute so I can't be evil" series of pics. Glad to hear she's healthy and growing. What a blessing.

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