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Yes, Lilah popped two bottom front teeth this past week. She did so with minimal fuss and crying, too, I didn't notice she had them until I happened to have my finger inside her mouth fishing for a piece of paper she was trying to swallow. But one broken out all the way and one with only a corner out are her new claim to fame.

We're not nursing anymore, sadly, thanks to the trip to California, so she can't bite me... but she does try to bite everything else!

Lilah has her (belated) 6 month checkup tomorrow afternoon so I'll get some vital stats from that, but from all appearances she's happy and healthy. Within the past two weeks she went from topple city to mastering sitting up in VERY quick fashion, and she is also starting to babble with syllables, the current favorite being "bababababa... BA bababa.... BAAAAAAAAAA!" and variations therein. Her tuft of hair on the top is getting longer too, but the sides are still bald, and our term for the look is the "Reverse Monk".

She gives a BIG smile when Callie comes into the room, and Callie proceeds to give her kisses and then wipe the little sister drool off of her face. The two get along great thus far, no jealousy present.

And so life goes on. And YES, Peter still needs to update the baby pictures badly. Our apologies. Here's a quick and normal one of Lilah - covered in drool, food, and very curious. Oh yeah, and big blue eyes for the Grandmas to enjoy :)

taryl | General | 18 March, 12:25am
Katie, <E-Mail> / 18 March, 8:16pm  

Aw, what a sweet face! Glad things are going well with the little Loverbum. Looking forward to more pictures, not that I'm one to talk. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the longer days, I know I am!

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