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After some stops and starts with lazy nursing initially, Lilah is feeding much better now that my milk is in, though she still can't drain even one boob per feeding without her overflow valve kicking in (spit up I can deal with, at least it's not reflux!). We were also dealing with some jaundice and the doctor told us to stick her in the sunlight and come back in two days. At that appointment, when he walked into the waiting room the first words out of his mouth were "Wow, she looks great! Her color is so much better!" so that was very reassuring. Between the breast milk and the (somewhat diffuse) sunlight it seems to have kicked her jaundice pretty handily.

She also gained four ounces in two days, which is twice what he wanted to see - so despite the latch pain (which is, thankfully, not getting worse) she is feeding very well.

We chatted a little while he took her measurements and everything looks great. He doesn't even want us to come in for a one week check - Lilah graduates straight to the two week appointment from here.

For the time being I seem to have more than enough milk and unlike with Callie I think I can get away with one-sided feedings so she gets more hindmilk. The feeding issues seem fairly mild, though they annoy me, so unless something comes up I am not bothering with talking to the lactation consultant at this point.

One fascinating thing about Lilah is her temperament. Callie was and still is SUCH an active, fiddly baby. She never liked to be held, hated every carrier, you name it. Lilah, on the other hand, is the quintessential lap baby. While she'll sleep on her own she loves dozing in ANYONE'S arms, she doesn't fuss when I pick her up, and I can finally use my Baby Bjorn I got for Callie. Big sister screamed bloody murder every time I tried to put her in it and if I wasn't swaying back and forth watch out! Lilah not only didn't fuss when she went in it, she fell right asleep and STAYED asleep even as I stood still to talk to a friend at the store. I was rather shocked.

Her general lack of fussiness in terms of holding and sleeping makes my life a lot easier. The only time of day she's less than ideal is, of course, 3-5 am. She seems to get gassy/poopy/fussy and dozes on and off between fussing, never settling all the way and I can't figure out why. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon, but considering she'd cried maybe a whole two hours since birth I think I'll just enjoy her calmness.

taryl | General | 29 July, 6:23am
Katie, <E-Mail> / 30 July, 5:31am  

So happy that things are going great, well, except for the early morning bit but that will surely pass. Lilah is after all just a wee little thing.

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